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Hello and welcome, I’m Sarah.  I’m on a mission to strengthen our community connection, one conversation at a time.

My intention is to guide transformation, expand consciousness and create an unwavering sense of belief for each person that I connect with. I help people design a platform that encourages them to live bravely and boldly. My 4 Support Pillars promote worldwide connection. If you choose to stick around (remember there is power in your choice), you will begin to notice the underlying theme infused throughout my services – the incredible power and ability instilled within you. This is where the good stuff happens. I promise to share more on this as we get to know one another.

I am based in Perth, Australia and I offer face-to-face counselling services and online services. I hope to inspire those who are experiencing difficulty to ask for support and find comfort in companionship and connection.




Private Counselling services supporting you to live bravely. Specialising in change therapy and  grief and loss recovery, I use a holistic model of support to help you create your personal life compass so you can navigate every experience with ease and grace.


Treasure Teens supports young people to create a powerful mindset and strengthen their emotional muscle so they can thrive. Building student autonomy and resilience through 7 unique workshops, there is something for every school, year group and student.

SArah Asher ocean


LightUP is a transformational workshop, with a very clear goal – to ignite the catalyst in you and create a powerful vision for your life. Hosted in the comfort of your own home, LightUP builds authentic relationships – with you and your loved ones. The perfect group workshop for you up-the-ante and deepen your connection.

Let's Connect together and start a conversation


In the workplace. This service supports your team to develop a positive and resilient mindset so they can thrive. This platform is perfect for your small business, NGO or corporate business. A fantastic Staff Professional and Personal Development workshop to increase staff engagement, happiness and success.

Meditate With Me for free

A great addition to your support toolkit, this series offers an opportunity for deeper healing, self-discovery and growth. I created this meditation support to encourage you to take the time to reconnect and care for yourself and I’m thrilled I get to share this with you for FREE. Whats included:

Access to over 2 hours of guided support

8 themed tracks and 3 bonus tracks

Meditation guide

What makes you vulnerable makes you truly and authentically beautiful.


Host Your Own LightUP Workshop

Host your very own LightUP Group Workshop for up to 10 people. As the organiser, you’ll score a private 60-minute consultation (valued at $120)! The best bit? If you’d like to host more than 1 workshop, you’ll save 15% at checkout 🙂


/per person

  • Total price $400
  • Authentically connect with yourself
  • Create partnerships with purpose
  • Make powerful decisions
  • Refine your visions
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Sarah Ashers Mental Heath Counsellor Journey

My Journey & Experience

I used to wake up with snowballing worries every single day. Grief almost destroyed me. Yet, over time I have learnt to love, accept, forgive and honour myself. Taking care of myself and understanding what it means to heal and let go has completely transformed my life.

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Lessons & Teachings

How to create a bulletproof gratitude practice
How to Create a Bulletproof Gratitude Practice 1020 800 Sarah Asher

How to Create a Bulletproof Gratitude Practice

Can a simple ‘Thank you’, ‘I appreciate you’, or ‘I am grateful for you’, really transform our relationships and sense of connection? ABSO-FREAKIN’-LUTELY! It’s true, more and more studies are…

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learning how to embrace change is 5 easy steps
Learn How to Embrace Change In 5 Easy Steps 1020 800 Sarah Asher

Learn How to Embrace Change In 5 Easy Steps

Change is a fundamental part of life. In various shapes and forms, change is present around us on a daily basis. Change can be a calm, appreciated experience or it…

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