Learn How to Embrace Change In 5 Easy Steps

learning how to embrace change is 5 easy steps

Learn How to Embrace Change In 5 Easy Steps

Learn How to Embrace Change In 5 Easy Steps 1020 800 Sarah Asher

Change is a fundamental part of life.

In various shapes and forms, change is present around us on a daily basis.

Change can be a calm, appreciated experience or it can be a distressing, unwanted experience. It can be gradual or sudden.

When change is present, we really only have two options:

Embrace change or resist change.

Regardless of which option you connect to, change is inevitable. It will happen whether we want it to or not.

The one factor we can be responsible for when change presents is our attitude. We can embrace the new opportunity and appreciate the experience, or we can resist the shift and reject the possibilities.

Think about your natural response to change.

Are you contracting when change presents itself?
Are you allowing fear and uncertainty rule your relationship with yourself and your environment?
Are you expressing your trust in your support community?
Are you opening yourself to the possibility of the unknown?
Are you curious or afraid?

You are not alone – I too have lived in a time where I said yes to all of the above. I now understand how damaging and harmful it can be to my health and happiness when I resist change. That’s why I choose to embrace change every single time, even in the most difficult situations.

Here are my top 5 tips for embracing change:

Respect the process

Every experience change brings is special to you. Don’t let anyone minimise what you are moving through. Anything and everything you are feeling matters. Stay true to you and follow the path that feels right to you. Yes, change can be extremely difficult, emotionally distressing and/or fiercely exciting and enjoyable. Whatever your circumstance may be, respect yourself and the process of change. Give yourself space to grieve, to reflect and to say goodbye and let go and then open yourself up to the new world of possibilities.

Let go of the judgement

Don’t judge yourself because you have been on the other side of the change track for so long. For some experiences, it has taken me over 2 years to open myself up to change. Don’t dwell on the time that has passed. Just become present with what is really going on for you and then open yourself up to a new perspective, a new choice and a new life.

Honour your values and beliefs
When change makes an appearance in your life, always honour your values and beliefs. Never allow what is important to you to be overridden or stepped on. Change can absolutely bring forward situations that test your life values but try not to get caught up in the immediate commotion. Take a step back and breathe before you react. Check in with yourself to make sure you are following your own path, not the path someone else or, something else has created.

Be responsible

You and only you are responsible for how you react and interact in this lifetime. Say goodbye to blame and welcome the power of vulnerability and empowerment.

Ask for support and trust

In those times of uncertainty, ask for some loving and gentle support from your support community. Trust that this process is essential to your growth. This one is a biggie but a wonderful tool of support when you are heading toward overwhelm.

We must be gentle with ourselves and remember that it is perfectly okay to feel sad in the midst of change. The important element is how you connect yourself to that change. Remember, the relationship you create with change vastly influences your health and wellbeing.

Next time change presents itself to you, bring your attention to your attitude. Try and catch yourself if you are constricting yourself or if you feel anger or annoyance bubbling up.

Remember that you have a choice. Embrace change and be open to the new and exciting possibilities of life.

You hold the power in your choice.
Your resiliency will strengthen every single time you decide to take responsibility for your connection to change.

Have courage in difficult times. Ask for support when you need it and always remember, you are stronger than you ever thought possible.

I would love to hear from you in the comments below.
Did you learn something new reading this post?
What has helped you embrace change?
Your story and experience may inspire another reader.
Take care of yourself.

Kindly, Sarah

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