Hello! I’m Sarah.

I’m on a mission to connect with our community,

one conversation at a time.

I am dedicated to reaching out and connecting with as many people as I can.

I hope to inspire those who are experiencing difficulty to ask for support and find comfort in companionship and connection. I hope to encourage conversations. I hope to guide, teach and help in any way I can to ensure our self-connection and our connection within our community grows.

I support individuals to create a kinder, gentler and more supportive relationship with themselves. This is the foundation of healing and transformation. We achieve this by raising individual consciousness; It is an inevitable and critical part of learning and discovery and something that we all require to fulfil our potential.

You can read more about the work I do over here…

For now, thank you for allowing me to share an important chapter of my story. I am forever grateful for this opportunity.

I used to wake up with snowballing worries every single day.

The avalanche of fear, sabotage and self-doubt was my constant reminder of what my life was:

an infinite space of emptiness.

I believed these thoughts defined me as weak and hopeless. I was convinced that this was permanent and absolute.

Although I lived my days like this for many years, it is not an accurate representation of my present day reality. With the help of some wonderful supporters, I have learned how to live peacefully and kindly.

I have discovered many things about myself and I know now how to practice forgiveness and acceptance.

The person I am today truly cares about living well, living bravely and living consciously.

One of my biggest realisations to date:

The isolated, cold, miserable, hate-driven space does not have to be permanent. You can shift atmospheres. You can create greatness in your own right. I have and so can you.

CIRCA 2008-2015

Assuming the nightmares gave me a break to get some shut-eye before the alarm went off, this is how I started each -usually dreaded- day:

6:00:00am. Alarm.

6:00:01am. Cue self-talk.

6:00:02am. What failures are you going to whip up today? You’re not good enough. What if something happens to my family today? What’s the point? People will always abandon you. No one will ever truly love you. You're disgusting. You’re not worthy of happiness. You deserve to feel miserable, alone and helpless. You’re not going to change, come on, how many times have you been through this? Don’t get your hopes up, it won’t work out. Ugh look at yourself, you have absolutely no self-control. They’re going to get you. You’re pathetic. Don’t kid yourself, something like that will never happen to you. If I get out of bed, then what, there’s nothing for me here.

6:00:03am+. Repeat 6:00:02am.


After the death of a family member in 2012, the above experiences not only became more complex but the emotions intensified. I felt trapped.

When anxiety was in full motion, I had no control.

I was utterly powerless and physically frozen.

Emotionally, I was hardwired for relentless nervousness and frazzled with endless questions.

I was viciously crippled with paranoia.

I could not escape the noise and the chaos inside my head.

When depression crept in, my world was silent and slow. Depression led me to lose all remnants of logic and my ability to gain perspective vanished. Hopelessness consumed me and the life force was drained from me.

The constant cyclone of anxiety and depression became overwhelming.

Add in chronic fatigue, cystic acne, binge eating, irritable-bowel-syndrome and stress headaches, I felt like a bubbling volcano waiting to erupt.

The thought of suicide became a regular visitor.

There were so many reasons supporting me to end my life; no more pain, stillness, no more worries, freedom for my family (the burden -me- will be gone)...

How did I get from this space to where I am now?




The realisation that the puppet show (my life of masking emotion) needed to end terrified me because I knew I would have to step into the unknown. I would be leaving my ‘safe zone’, which oddly enough had become home to anxiety and depression. It may sound strange to some, but I had a somewhat like 'bond' to my mental illness.

However, the fear of making a change was balanced with the fear of not making a change.

Knowing there were supportive people around me helped me realise that I didn't have to face the challenges alone.

With the support of my community, I decided to speak. This was a challenge in itself. The first time I shared, I barely spoke 3 words. Each time, I shared a little more, then a little more.

Conversations were created. I felt emotion. I asked for more help. I received it. I yelled. I cried. I asked for support again. I received it. I yelled some more. Tears still flowed. I screamed. Tension was released. Pain was expressed.

Forgiveness and acceptance were explored and practiced (gently), again and again and again.

Kindness and love overcame hate and fear… every time, even when it took me months to realise what was happening.

I began to heal.

I began to realise that life can be an opportunity for creation and growth.

Let me stay real with you. There are days that flow a little lighter and easier than others. There always will be. Instead of fearing these potentially life-rattling moments, I practice receiving the challenges with grace (key work: practice).

Those thoughts that were on repeat for many years are still there. Some days they are loud and other days they are very faint.

For me, healing did not happen instantly. I didn't suddenly wake up one morning with no worries or fears. It was, and still is, a process and a practice. I am still learning how to care for myself everyday.

The space you’re in right now, the experiences that are connected to you, the self-talk on repeat, they can only define you if you say they do.

You can transform your relationship with yourself.

Reach out and ask for support.

I still see my Counsellor and my other supports. I look forward to my time with them, discovering more about myself, learning and growing. It’s fantastic knowing they are part of my team.

There are no selection criteria boxes for seeking support.

Every single person can benefit from connection.


On my days off you will probably find me soaking up the sunshine (with a wide-brim hat and some 50+ sunscreen of course #lifeofaginger), playing with my dog Kenny, floating in the ocean, reading, watching Netflix, attempting a jigsaw puzzle, watching the sunset, hiking or connecting with family and friends. You might catch me having a groove to JT or Beyonce or maybe you’ll see me cruising in my car singing musical theatre songs ;). You might also catch me connecting with my Counsellor or enjoying a relaxing massage. I love all these things. I do them regularly with no judgement.

Whatever fills YOU up, do it and then do some more of it. If it works for you, don’t judge it, celebrate it!

Cheers to the life experiment, 26 years and counting!

My Professional Qualifications and Experience

I have had the pleasure of supporting people in our community professionally for the past 7 years. From case managing and counselling young people to working with men and women in their 50’s, I hope to continue to reach out and connect with as many people as I can. I have worked with people who were experiencing homelessness, drug and alcohol addiction, mental health issues including depression and eating disorders, relationship conflict, financial distress and other challenging situations. I have facilitated both 1:1 counselling sessions and group counselling sessions as well as having an active public speaking role within the community.

The Nitty Gritty

I Graduated from University in 2013 with a Bachelor Degree in Social Science Studies.

I completed Post Graduate study through the Australian Academy of Counsellors, receiving a Diploma of Counselling in 2014.

I completed further study in 2015, becoming a Qualified Health Coach, receiving my Graduate Certificate from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

I am also a registered member with the International Institute of Complimentary Therapies and I hope to continue on to study a Master of Psychotherapy.

You can read more about the programs I offer here.

Support Side-Note:

Your health is important. Your life is valuable. Please seek support from your Doctor or Health Professional if you need immediate medical support.

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