My Journey

Experience Guided Me Here

Emotion is embedded in every experience. Conscious or not, it is always present.

How we feel, process and respond to these experiences is dependent on our internal emotional compass.

My emotional compass has significantly transformed in the last 10 years – if it hadn’t shifted, I wouldn’t be here today sharing with you.

I learnt how to transform emptiness, anger and resentment, to kindness, compassion and joy.

How far I have come and how far I will journey. I have an infinite path in front of me… and so do you!

This is my experience so far, 27 years of learning, discovering, feeling and creating.

Stay open, be kind and always remember – you are a miracle.


I used to wake up with snowballing worries every single day.

The avalanche of fear, sabotage and self-doubt commanded me to believe my life was an infinite space of emptiness.

I believed these thoughts defined me as weak and hopeless. I was convinced that this was permanent and absolute.

When anxiety was in full motion, I had no control.

I was utterly powerless and physically frozen.

Emotionally, I was hardwired for relentless nervousness and frazzled with endless questions.

I was viciously crippled with paranoia.

I could not escape the noise and the chaos inside my head.

When depression crept in, my world was silent and slow. Depression led me to lose all remnants of logic and my ability to gain perspective vanished. Hopelessness consumed me and the life force was drained from me.

The constant cyclone of anxiety and depression became overwhelming.

The thought of suicide became a regular visitor.

There were so many reasons supporting me to end my life; no more pain, stillness, no more worries, freedom for my family (the burden -me- will be gone).

Light up facilitator sarah asher

“The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and the most beautiful of all.”


The Change

One of my biggest realisations to date:

The isolated, cold, miserable, hate-driven space does not have to be permanent. You can shift your emotional compass. You can create greatness in your own right. I have and so can you.

The realisation that the puppet show (my life of masking emotion) needed to end terrified me because I knew I would have to step into the unknown. I would be leaving my ‘safe zone’, which oddly enough had become home to anxiety and depression. It may sound strange to some, but I had a somewhat like ‘bond’ to my mental illness.

However, the fear of making a change was balanced with the fear of not making a change.

With the support of my community, I decided to speak. This was a challenge in itself. The first time I shared, I barely spoke 3 words. Each time, I shared a little more, then a little more.

Conversations were created. I felt emotion. I asked for more help. I received it. I yelled. I cried. I asked for support again. I received it. I yelled some more. Tears still flowed. I screamed. The tension was released. The pain was expressed.

Forgiveness and acceptance were explored and practised (gently), again and again, and again.

Kindness and love overcame hate and fear.

I began to heal. I began to realise that life can be an opportunity for creation and growth.

With the help of some wonderful supporters, I have learned how to live peacefully and kindly.


There are days that flow a little lighter and easier than others. I constantly remind myself that healing did not happen instantly. I didn’t suddenly wake up one morning with no worries or fears. It was and still is a process and a practice. I am still learning how to care for myself every day.

Instead of resisting emotion and being closed to the world,

I welcome challenges,

I am open to feeling uncomfortable, expressing the emotion and experiencing balance and harmony,

I remind myself that I have unique qualities to help, serve, and support others,

I appreciate and accept all the experiences that have been present in my life – even the really painful ones, I have forgiven myself and those who have hurt me, and I practice forgiveness when it is requested,

I love unconditionally,

I remind myself every single day that it is an absolute privilege to be alive, healthy and loved, and

I remember that I am a miracle and so are YOU!

Sarah Asher in a field

Together let’s create your life compass. One that champions courage, nurtures connection and embraces growth.

Group workshops designed to shine a light on your life. To build authentic relationships with yourself and those around you.

I have a Bachelor Degree in Social Sciences, Diploma of Counselling and Graduate Certificate in Health Coaching.