It’s time to harness that vision, call in your reinforcements (a.k.a support team/mates/tribe/family) and start learning to live bravely and boldly!

Hosted in the comfort of your own home, this workshop will breathe passion and purpose back into your life.

It will remind you how unique and remarkable you are and how desperate the world is for what you have.

You will feel supported, connected, inspired and ready to create change.

Together, we will take a good look at your reality so we can understand and honour all that is and was. Then we can create a vision that you desire. All while sitting alongside the people you hold nearest and dearest.

LightUP offers you an incredible opportunity to share honestly and openly with your people and it invites them to do the same.

It’s purpose is to

nurture connection,

embrace reflection and self-awareness and,

create courage to embrace and drive change.

I will support you and your loved ones to champion growth through intentional conversation and practice.


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