Meditate With Sarah (Series 1)


These meditations are a great addition to your support tool kit. They offer an opportunity for deeper healing, self-discovery and growth as well as supporting you to create your own sanctuary. 


More love.

More confidence.

More self-acceptance and self-belief.

More peace and more happiness.

More of you. The real you; the abundant, grounded, ambitious YOU.


With a total of 12 tracks, you have access to over 3 hours of guided support.


You also receive a BONUS Meditation Support Guide. This mini e-guide includes 10+ pages detailing how to start a meditation practice, the purpose and benefits of meditation, plus, how to design a support system that leaves you feeling inspired, empowered and confident to be you, undeniably.


Each meditation track has been uniquely designed to support your mental health and emotional wellbeing.


There are 8 themed tracks:










And 4 bonus tracks:

*An Introduction

*A Mindful Mind

*Rest and Restore

*Conscious Connection


You also have the option to download the meditations with or without background music.


All created to support, inspire and empower you. 


The possibility to discover the answers you are seeking can and will be presented, if you allow it.


Enjoy the practice.

Enjoy learning, healing and growing.