Community Workshops

Servicing small businesses, NGO's and corporate teams

These workshops will support your team to build a positive and resilient mindset so they can thrive in the workplace.

A healthy mindset is vital to living boldly and bravely.

I’m here to show your team how they can create an unbreakable relationship with themselves so they can navigate the experiences that present throughout life.

I’m on a mission to ensure that our community develops a sense of hope and belief no matter what shows up in our lives.

Each conversation I have aims to build courage so that when help is needed, we each feel confident to ask for it.

This is one platform that I’m fortunate enough to use to share the tools and strategies that support us to sail toward a mindset that encourages compassion, connection, success and abundance.

Creating forums to discuss mental health, life and love allows us to become aware of our emotions and thought patterns. Igniting this passage of thought inside each of us increases the chance that we will safely express our inner world and reach out for the right support to help us thrive.

What’s covered in a community engagement workshop?

The choice is yours. These interactive workshops can include any of the following topics:

  • My Story – Then & Now
  • Transforming pain into purpose
  • Learning how to care for yourself
  • Strengthen relationships
  • Effective communication including reprogramming your self-talk for success
  • Stress management
  • Goal creation and visualisation
  • Guided Meditation and reflection practices
  • Discover how to safely identify and express emotions
  • Self-discovery – exploring individuality and diversity

The benefits:

Igniting conversation through these workshops will encourage:

  • A stronger sense of self, therefore, creating more positive and authentic relationships
  • A clear vision and purpose
  • An ability to trust
  • A willingness to learn and discover
  • A strong understanding of kindness
  • Effective communication skills
  • Greater perspective on personal and cultural values
  • Increased motivation and self-confidence
  • Improved loyalty and integrity to others as well as your community


Host Your Own Interactive Workshop For Your Workplace

By inviting me to talk and present to your team, I can tailor a presentation for your focus group to ensure their needs are supported and your aims are achieved.

Community Engagement Workshops

During my workshops, I aim to offer presentations that both support the participants needs and also achieve your aims as the organiser.

  • These workshops are incredible. I absolutely love delivering them throughout our community. The purpose is to share information, inspire and encourage change. Delivered usually to an audience of 20-100 individuals. The workshops focus on self-discovery and strategy work with the intention to build individual support awareness to live bravely and boldly.

  • A variety of groups and organisations can benefit from these workshops. The most common groups include:

    • Corporate businesses
    • NGO’s
    • Small Businesse

    If you are a school, please check out the Treasure Teens Program I offer.

    • A 15-minute initial phone consult plus email correspondence or a face-to-face meeting to design a presentation or workshop to best suit your target group
    • The workshop – where the magic happens. The time will vary on your needs and capacity. On average, a standard workshop will run for 60 minutes.
    • Personal printable highlighting the main topics and strategies discussed
    • Your presentation topics of choice

“Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community.”

Anthony J. D’Angleo



I’ll arrive early so I have time to set up the space. Once everyone arrives, I’ll welcome the team to the space where I’ll provide an overview and set our intentions for the workshop.


I will guide conversations around the focus areas of the talk. Depending on the topics in focus, your team may be invited to participate in various interactive activities, complete reflective workbooks or practice what they’ve learnt in the safe space.


Although primarily this space will be fuelled with conversation, there will be allocated time for stillness. An opportunity for your team to stop, relax and connect with themselves and each other.


Once the workshop has come to a close, your team may like to have some morning tea or lunch. I recommend spending at least 15 minutes in the calm space before returning to work. I will be available for 30 minutes after each workshop for anyone who would like to organise follow up support.

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