Inspirational Speaking

Transformative talks aimed to highlight the importance of mental health. Discussions that inspire your community, workplace, school or family to make positive change.

Inspirational public speaking and mental health advocacy encourages the community to reach out for support

With the rapid incline of people in our world identifying that they are experiencing difficulty in their lives means it’s now more important than ever to ensure that our community is adequately supported. That they have the available tools at their disposal to sail toward a mindset that encourages compassion, connection, success and abundance.

Creating forums to discuss mental health and public speaking allows these individuals to become aware of their emotions and thought patterns. Igniting this passage of thought inside participants increases the chance that they will express their inner world and reach out for support if needed.

What’s covered in a public speaking workshop?

The choice is yours. My public speaking and interactive workshops can include any/or of the following topics:

  • My personal story focusing on my experience with mental illness
  • Self-care and self-love
  • How to strengthen relationships
  • Bullying
  • Body Acceptance
  • Guided Meditations
  • Effective communication including self-talk
  • Stress management
  • Goal creation and visualisation
  • Online presence (specific for young people)
  • Emotional expression
  • Grief and loss
  • Mindfulness
  • Conflict resolution
  • Anxiety, depression and suicide
  • Self-discovery – exploring individuality and diversity

The benefits of public speaking workshops

Igniting conversation through public speaking and mental health advocacy will encourage:

  • Increased motivation and self-confidence
  • Improved loyalty and integrity to others as well as your community
  • A stronger sense of self, therefore, creating more positive and authentic relationships
  • A clear vision and purpose
  • An ability to trust
  • A willingness to learn and discover
  • A strong understanding of kindness
  • Effective communication skills
  • Greater perspective on personal and cultural values


Host Your Own Inspirational Talk For Your Community

By inviting me to talk and present to your community, I can tailor a presentation for your focus group to ensure their needs are supported and your aims are achieved.

Inspirational Speaking

During my workshops and public speaking sessions, I aim to offer presentations that both support the participants needs and also achieve your aims as the organiser.

  • Public Speaking
    Hire me to speak and welcome an engaging presentation based on the topics you choose. The purpose is to share information, inspire and encourage change. Delivered usually to an audience of 20-100 individuals.

    Interactive Workshop
    Hire me to host an interactive workshop for 10-30 people. The workshops focus on self-discovery and strategy work with the intention to build individual support awareness for Positive Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing.

  • A variety of groups and organisations can benefit from a mental health talk or workshop. The most common groups include:

    • Corporate businesses
    • NGO’s
    • Small Businesses
    • Families
    • Community Groups
    • High Schools – Teachers, Staff and Students
    • A 15-minute initial phone consult plus email correspondence or a face-to-face meeting to design a presentation or workshop to best suit your target group
    • Personal printable highlighting the main topics and strategies discussed
    • Your presentation of choice (public speaking, interactive workshop, both)
  • Yes, absolutely. You can design your ideal package for your target group.

    If you would like some ideas on what combination of topics and delivery methods would best suit your group please enquire below and we explore some package options.

    • Hillarys Wellness Expo – discussed my personal experience with Mental Illness
    • Perth’s Kindness Trail – facilitated group meditations focusing on self-awareness, stress management and body acceptance
    • WA High School Students – delivered presentations and workshops focusing on confidence, mental health, relationships and online influence
    • Community workshops and meditation sessions at Beaumaris Community Hall – communication, resilience, conflict resolution, emotional expression, self-love.

    I am thrilled to be working with more organisations, schools and local businesses this year. The ripple effect is in motion!

“Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community.”

Anthony J. D’Angleo



I’ll arrive before your guests (students, colleagues, community group) so I have time to set up the space. Once everyone arrives, I’ll welcome you and your community to the space where I’ll provide an overview and set our intentions for the session.


I will guide conversations around the focus areas of the talk where you and your community will be encouraged to share.
Depending on the type of talk you request, you may participate in interactive activities, complete reflective workbooks or practice what you’ve just learnt.


Although primarily this space will be fuelled with conversation, there will be allocated time for stillness. An opportunity for you and your community to stop, relax and connect with yourself.


Once the session has come to a close, you and your guests may like to have some morning tea, champagne, food or down time. I will be available for 30 minutes after each session for anyone who would like to organise follow up support.

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