Supporting Teens to live a brave life

Are more and more students feeling overwhelmed, anxious and disconnected at your school?

In a world where

  • comparison seems to be programmed into the DNA of young people
  • bullying is prevalent throughout the community and
  • social isolation is filtering throughout the community

the number of young people becoming disengaged is on the rise.

The mental health statistics are real, and the experiences that young people are facing are evolving.

It’s time for a new model of support to ensure all young people have the opportunity to thrive. 

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Welcome to Treasure Teens

An innovative project teaching young people how to develop a comparison-free mindset so they can live bravely.

This project is here to strengthen courage, build resilience and support young people to confidently create change and navigate their direction in life.

Treasure goes beyond awareness and information sharing. It is a unique program that encourages application and engagement so every student can create a healthy and safe life.

Treasure elevates your student engagement while focusing on Student Care and Wellbeing.

The workshops compliment the Health Studies Curriculum and your established Student Care Team.

They highlight positive individual, social and community relationships, while maximising student learning, empowerment and happiness.

Sessions are flexible and can match your timetable to ensure minimal disruption to students and staff.

Designed specifically for young people aged 12-18.

Delivered through a workshop-based model to schools throughout Western Australia.

Strengthening student autonomy, confidence, resilience and happiness.

With 7 workshops to choose from, there is something for every school, year group and student.

Treasure is outcome focused and has been linked with the SCSA Curriculum for Health Studies.



Every workshop is delivered following a strength-based model. Treasure is focused on student empowerment and believes that every student is resourceful and has the capacity to live well. Delivering the workshops using this approach increases student autonomy and resilience. There is a strong focus on building individual self-awareness and self-regulation skills to increase positive emotions and experiences.


Treasure provides a foundation of skills and knowledge that can be applied throughout the student’s school life and in their life after school. Sharing these tools now increases the possibilities for each student to live well and it also helps each student become aware of when they need to ask for external help to support them to thrive.


Each workshop is tailored to ensure the target group receives relatable and appropriate support. Treasure support is flexible and aims to work in context with the students – we will also ensure that relevant youth friendly language is applied. With groups that have less than 30 students, there is an interactive activity that encourages student discussion and student-to-student support will be facilitated to increase positive peer relationships.


We believe that effective student engagement goes hand-in-hand with interactive content and activities. Each Treasure workshop is full of relevant information and is delivered in a variety of methods including focus groups, activities, discussion and games. We want the students to walk away feeling motivated, inspired and energised. We also encourage positive interactions between the supervising staff and the student.


Treasure gives each student a platform of consistent support through the creation of a personalised toolkit. Every workshop has a strong focus on supporting students to start taking ownership of their life – how they connect and interact with themselves and others. Treasure incorporates youth-friendly strategies and practices that students can use to strengthen their confidence, autonomy, courage and self-belief.


Treasure follows a ‘wrap-around service’ support approach, influencing positive outcomes and long-term impact for each student. We can work alongside your student support team at school to align with the school’s values and care goals. The workshops have a multi-layer focus both internal (within the school) and external (outside of the school), providing each student with limitless possibilities to create positive change.


YEAR 7-10

#1 Comparison 101, #2 Becoming Brave, #3 Bounce Back & #4 Fearless

Student Capacity -> 30-100 students per workshop

Duration -> 60-90 minutes (flexible to suit the timetable)

Cost -> $299 AUD (based on a 60 minute workshop)

#1 Comparison 101

Comparison 101 talks about the impact of living with comparison, and highlights the benefits of creating a comparison-free mindset. Each student will learn how to create a comparison-free mindset following the simple and youth friendly steps.

  • This workshop focuses on unpacking comparison. The students will learn the what’s, when’s, how’s and why’s of comparison. 

    Comparison 101 will support students to learn about self-reflection, how to identify comparison and understand the harmful impact comparison is having on their life. Students will learn how to transform comparison so they can live and grow confidently. We also cover safe online presence, developing positive relationships and how to become a comparison warrior to support their peers.

    This workshop is highly engaging using group discussion and focus topics to create a sense of community throughout the student group. Students will leave feeling empowered and inspired to create positive change.

#2 Becoming Brave

Becoming Brave supports students to build an unbreakable relationship with themselves. This workshop gives students a deeper understanding of comparison, teaches the tools needed to live a brave life and highlights the power of peer support. 

  • The exposure teenagers experience in today’s world is immense – constantly flooded by social media platforms with images, videos and recordings of others. The impact on creating individual identity with this external influence has proven extremely challenging and displays a risk to the safe exploration and discovery every young person has the right to experience. This workshop targets the importance of creating a positive personal relationship and how to learn to safely explore and discover who they are bravely.

    The themes of comparison, confidence and self-belief are covered throughout this workshop. This workshop is interactive and encourages group discussion and reflective practices.

#3 Bounce Back

This workshop teaches young people how to overcome set backs and strengthen their resilience so they can learn and grow after they experience a challenging situation. Bounce Back shows students how to identify and understand the concept of self-talk. 

  • Knock backs don’t have to be long lasting and they don’t have to completely stilt student development and happiness. This workshop teaches the students how to recreate their internal dialogue to supercharge their resilience, optimism and approach to life. Bounce Back will support each student to harness the power of self-talk so they can let go of any setback and start maximising their potential to learn, grow and succeed.

    This workshop teaches young people how to identify and regulate their emotions and helps students create their own self-care kit to help them thrive. 

    Delivered on a foundation of empowerment, Bounce Back is a powerful workshop that will have your students engaged for the entire session.




Fearless highlights the key content from Comparison 101, Becoming Brave and Bounce Back.

The students will spend the day with the Founder of Treasure – Sarah Asher. Sarah will share incredible insights, facilitate interactive activities and focus groups. Sarah will teach the students how to master a comparison-free mindset so they can thrive and feel confident to achieve their goals.


Also in the spotlight throughout the day is VISION. Sarah will support students to understand the importance of having a vision for their life and she will show students how to design their own vision which inspires and motivates them to create positive change.


*Fearless is broken up into engaging and interactive mini-workshops throughout the day

*Timetable of Fearless can be matched with your school periods and breaks

*This workshop is perfect for year 7-10 students and has a maximum of 100 participants

*$1399 AUD


YEAR 11-12

#5 Owning You & #6 Chapters

Student Capacity -> 30-100 students per workshop

Duration -> 60-90 minutes (flexible to suit the timetable)

Cost -> $299 AUD (based on a 60 minute workshop)

#5 Owning You

Owning You is designed specifically for Year 11 and 12 Students. This workshop focuses on developing a comparison-free life by breaking down limiting beliefs, building emotional intelligence and creating an ownership of individual thoughts, actions and connection.

  • This workshop supports upper school students to confidently stand in their own light, follow their passion, believe in their purpose and confidently create the life they want for themselves. Owning You shines light on individuality, independence and connection. It explores unlimited potential and aims to draw out passions and skills through student empowerment.

#6 Chapters

Chapters highlights the different experiences that present in life and provides the students with a unique skillset so they can navigate their next steps confidently and compassionately. This workshop amplifies courage and what it means to truly live a brave life.

  • This workshop is a fantastic foundation of support for upper school students who are ready to take responsibility for their next steps in life. Chapters covers comparison as a young adult, the traditional stages of growing up and highlights the transition from school and into their next experience. This workshop offers a specialist set of tips and tools to support every student to thrive and continue to live bravely as they grow up. 



Student Capacity -> 30 students per workshop

Duration -> 60 minutes (flexible to suit the timetable) or Full day Leadership Immersion

Cost -> $299 AUD (based on a 60 minute workshop) or $1399 AUD for Full day

#7 Champion

Champion builds powerful leaders focusing on innovation and creative expression.

 The students will learn how to become the leader of their own life. Then the students will be taught how to use this new knowledge to create a ripple effect of positive influence for their community. Each leadership group will discover how to implement effective change that is respectful and inclusive. This workshop focuses on understanding empathy and compassion so that interventions can be designed appropriately for long-lasting impact.

Leadership is strengthened and expanded through group discussions, interactive activities and reflective practices. The students will be ready to take inspired action to influence positive change throughout their school.

Impact & Outcomes

Treasure works to compliment your Student Care Team and the Health Studies Curriculum.

We’ve matched the Treasure impact and outcomes to the SCSA Curriculum – check them out here.

How is Treasure different?

Treasure goes beyond awareness and information sharing. It is a unique program that encourages application and engagement so every student can create a healthy and safe life. Treasure has the flexibility to delve into the elements that influence a person’s mental health.

We believe that there are fantastic programs available to students, staff and schools that are already established in the community. Run by various organisations, these programs target a specific delivery of support which offers incredible awareness raising and support.

However, we have done our research and Treasure brings something new to the table.

Rather than focusing on mental health at a surface level or from a reactive state, we go deeper. Treasure highlights the core elements that make up a person’s mental health focusing on self-connection, community-connection, belief patterns, emotional regulation, comparison-awareness, identity, confidence and courage.

Treasure uses a unique approach to talk about positive mental wellness and teaches students practical and effective strategies that they can start utilising in their every day lives.

We go beyond the face-to-face workshops. Treasure can also work with your school to create a tailored program that is delivered throughout a school term, we are able to work with your staff and your parents.

Treasure is also online – there is a fantastic, youth-friendly Instagram account which provides a positive online social connection for the students. We share regular tip, tools and practical strategies to encourage young people to continue to live bravely after the face-to-face workshops.

Treasure also makes sure there is the opportunity for growth and development after we have been to your school. That’s why we share the ‘Tips & Tools’ guide with your Student Care Team. This is an incredible resource that has practical and effective strategies young people can use to live bravely. This is also a fantastic professional development addition.

Treasure Teens


    • A space large enough for the student target group – a performing arts theatre or a gym works well, chairs are preferred
    • A projector with working sound
    • Adequate staff supervision
  • 1x 60-minute workshop is $299AUD

    1x full day is $1399AUD

    There are 2x full day options (Fearless and Champion) or you can choose 4,5 or 6 different workshops (dependent on your timetable blocks) to total a full day.

  • Treasure is servicing Western Australian Schools. If you are interested in hosting a workshop for your school outside of this region, please get in touch with Sarah below.

  • Treasure works alongside your School’s Care Team and Health Program. Treasure links with the SCSA guidelines and is outcome focused on increasing student health and wellbeing.

  • To answer simply,

    Your students, staff and school will be connected to a wider support network. In a world where more and more students are becoming disengaged, Treasure offers a solution that is youth-driven and youth-focused.

    Treasure goes beyond awareness and information and focuses on integration and practice. Treasure goes one level deeper and unpacks the core of mental health and wellness starting with mindset. Treasure’s multi-layered support model looks at student wellness in conjunction with peer relationships, community relationships, resilience and connection. It is a strength-based approach that aims to alleviate overwhelm and increase student happiness.

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supporting young people to live bravely

Treasure Teens Sarah

Hi, I’m Sarah
Founder and Facilitator of Treasure Teens

I’ve been professionally supporting young people in our community for almost a decade. My professional learning and experiences have been pivotal in the creation of this project. The harmful impact comparison is having on young people’s growth and development is prominent. Young people’s ability to live well and develop positive emotions including happiness are limited when comparison is active. I created Treasure so young people can feel empowered and confident to live a brave life. This platform encourages creative expression, self-discovery and connection, all of which are vital to ensuring young people thrive.

Qualifications: I have a Bachelor Degree of Social Sciences, Major in Youth Work, a Diploma of Counselling and a Certificate in Health and Wellness Coaching. I received a finalist nomination in the Youth Work WA awards last year and I also have a National Police Certificate and a current Working with Children Check.

If you would like some more information about the project, please fill in the contact form below.

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