Personal Support with Sarah

You know when you meet someone and you can sense how deeply connected they are to their truth and their purpose?

They treat themselves and others with kindness and hold a refined focus for respect.

They stand proudly in themselves and say ‘no thank you’ to comparison.

Confidence seems to simply ooze out of them.

It’s almost infectious being around one of these in-tune individuals right?

After you've interacted with someone like this, you are often left with an inner craving for the same kind of consciousness and an urgency of ‘I want what they’re having’.

They are creating their own version of greatness.

And guess what? They are inviting you to do the same.

Let's discover more together...


Meditate with Sarah | Series 1

More love.

More confidence.

More self-acceptance and self-belief.

More peace and more happiness.

More of you. The real you; the abundant, grounded, ambitious YOU.

With a total of 12 tracks, you have access to over 3 hours of guided support.


Speaking and Community Engagement

I can tailor a presentation for your focus group to ensure their needs are addressed and supported.

Imagine the benefits for your whole community? Your workplace, your school, your family...


Increased motivation, self-confidence, improved loyalty and integrity to others as well as your community, a better sense of self therefore creating more positive and authentic relationships, clear vision and purpose, an ability to trust, a willingness to learn and discover more, a better understanding of kindness, effective communication skills, a greater perspective on personal and cultural values, the benefits are limitless.

Everyone can benefit from support.

Below are some of the topics you can choose from.


Time for Care

When we choose to invest our time in the things that expand our happiness, love and joy, we are opening ourselves up to a whole new world of possibilities. When I shifted my thought process from 'taking time for yourself is selfish' to 'taking time for yourself is a gift for you and for others', everything flowed a little bit easier.

Of course there are still challenges. So how do I stay dedicated to self care? I follow a care map, filled with all of all the things that support me. I choose at least 1 thing every day off the map and DO IT. The only way is forward.

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Colour Your Life

For us to grow as a community, we must first develop a kind and supportive relationship with ourselves.

This small tool will help you brighten up your communication.
Use these affirmations as a guide to get your self-talk rolling and flowing in a groove that supports and encourages you.

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Free Guided Meditation

Improve your focus.

Improve your self-connection.

Reduce your stress, anxiety and anger.

Let's breathe together.

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